2018 is your year to be organised

Welcome to 2018! Do you keep telling yourself to be more organised and want life to be more functional? Then 2018 is the year and we are here to help!!!

Here are a few tips to get you started!!

    1. Sort your emails – File everything from 2017 and start with a new page for 2018. Deal with your emails everyday. I can chat with you about different ways that work for different people on keeping on top of your emails (I would like this go out as a linkedin topic in January but I need to work on it first)
    2. Put waste bins in every room of the house.
    3. If you’re storing kids clothes as hand me downs, mark the boxes with sizes
    4. Throw out clothes, socks, underwear as soon as you see a hole in it.
    5. Give the kids an alarm clock and make a list for their daily routine.
    6. Use a flowerpot with holder underneath to store your sponges, steel wool and food scrapers near the sink.
    7. Don’t use round storage containers, they are not space efficient.
    8. Pile up the kids mess around the house into one area (including dirty clothes). A couple of times  a week give them a deadline to put away that pile or it will be thrown in the bin.
    9. Leave a shoe box by the front door so the kids can find their shoes easily
    10. Hire a concierge to do those things that you are just not getting on top of.

As well as being organised don’t forget about the Health and Wellbeing of you and your employees. Health and Wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important topic within Australian workplaces. What do you have in place? Did you know the health and wellbeing of your staff can have a positive/negative impact on their engagement and productivity in the workplace.

Stayed tuned for information on this topic.

Until next time, stay healthy, have fun, and keep your life in balance.



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