2019 is already here

2019 is already here

Wow. I’m not sure if I’ve never noticed this before or there really has been a shift this year. I am booking events, meetings and catch ups for clients in January and February 2019 and nothing for 2018. It seems everyone has the opinion 2018 is finished, now we’re looking ahead four months!!

Slow down people. Let’s really enjoy Christmas this year. Last year I posted a list of 25 things things to do for each day of December leading up to Christmas. It was so good that I’m not even going to write another list, make sure you check it out here. Our family achieved most things on the list and really enjoyed the challenge (number 1 was the hardest – he he). We’ve also decided this year to put the tree up early (Gasp, I hear). We are not home for Christmas this year, but the girls still enjoy decorating the house. So we’ll just bring it forward by a week or maybe two.

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