Administration Bootcamp

Administration Boot camp (Check out the video)

Recently, a good friend of mine asked for some tips on how to declutter her hectic life, she was struggling to get on top of some niggling tasks that she had been putting off for over two years! In my April newsletter and blog I shared the stress that clutter causes in your life and I think we can ALL relate to how quickly it can get out of control and become a much bigger issue.. think wrinkles, moodiness, anxiety and losing touch with the things that matter most to you. I ain’t got time for that and finally my friend realised she no longer had time for that either! I was able to help a friend get a handle on the things that were stressing her the most. In a short space of time we were able to:

  • Clear her email inbox
  • Organise 2 years worth of tax receipts
  • Develop administration procedures
  • Reconcile Xero
  • Create a business plan

Helping my friend declutter and get back to her true, carefree self inspired me to offer this service to my clients – I am excited to offer you Administration Boot camp (I promise it’s not the kind that will have you crawling through the mud and walking around in pain for the next week).  Throughout August I am offering Admin Boot camp designed to develop strategies and procedures to declutter your life and maintain your new improved direction. Admin Boot camp is a 1 hour session in person, over the phone or via Skype where we discuss your needs. I will prepare a report with strategies to address the problems discussed, designed to be implemented within one month. At the conclusion of the month we meet again to discuss and analyse your progress to ensure you are accountable and successful.  If you could do with some Admin Boot camp click here for more details.  Until next time, stay healthy, have fun, and keep your life in balance.



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