Getting back into the swing of things.

Getting back into the swing of things.

So while I had all the best intentions of writing my own newsletter while we were away, I got caught up in family holiday mode and just never got around to it. Lesson learnt, next time I’m on leave I will be leaving the newsletter in the capable hands of my marketing girl. However, the holiday was much needed and more amazing than I could have imagined.

I didn’t quite make it to silicon valley to have a photo outside the Google sign, but we did get to Boeing. What an inspirational place to visit. Our travels took us from Ensanada in Mexico right through to Seattle with diversions to the Grand Canyon and of course Vegas. 14 hotel rooms, 10 hire cars, train travel, planes, cruises and even horse rides were all part of the experience that left us completely exhausted but definitely wanting to head back for more and memories that will last a lifetime.

So since I’ve been back there has been some interesting requests come through from clients along with our regular ongoing jobs. Some of the more interesting jobs that we’ve been able to achieve over the past few weeks are:

  • Uploading and sorting business cards into Google Drive
  • Liaising with interstate nurseries for plant deliveries
  • Comparing prices between interstate and local dealerships for vehicle maintenance work required
  • Compiled information required for a travel insurance claim
  • Produced a report based on local census data for research into the purchase of a new business

Some of the ongoing work that we do regularly are:

  • Pulling together receipts and information required for BAS and End of Year Tax Returns
  • Email Management
  • Diary Management

Over the next month, we are going to be pulling together some free workshops to help people get started in getting organised. Sometimes, its’ just knowing where to start and having a game plan in place that can give you direction and allow you to feel like the you’re getting on top of things. The first few workshops will be run in person to test the waters, then we’ll attempt some online options. If you are interested in holding one of these workshops for your workplace or membership group please be in touch.

I’d also be interested to hear what are your daily struggles? If there was a clear action plan for one thing that would make you feel like the load is less, what would that be? Let me know and we’ll ensure it is included within the free workshops.

Until next time, stay healthy, have fun, and keep your life in balance.



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