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Life Balance Essentials is offering you access to our concierge trial package.

Over 4 weeks we will reduce your workload, help you de-stress and create a life of freedom for you to live as you want.

We know your busy, so here are the basic details:

Your trial package is $110 inc GST each week

This gives you access to unlimited concierge services for 4 weeks. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don’t feel you received value for money at the end of your four weeks, we will give your money back.

You will be required to set up a direct credit on a weekly basis for 4 weeks, with payment weekly in advance. Until payment is received each week, your requests will remain on hold until payment is received. You can pay for the 4 weeks in advance. This package does require a commitment of 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks, you can choose a more permanent option or you may be in a position where your to do list has been cleared and you can go off and live that life of freedom, you’ve been dreaming of.

Please take the time to read ourĀ terms of service This ensures there’s no surprises for anybody.

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