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Are you struggling to keep the balance? Organising your wedding is a full time job. You also need to keep your “normal” life in order. Including work commitments, family commitments, sporting activities, the house needs to be kept in order, etc. As the day gets closer people will ask more from you than you realised: “I need accommodation and tours booked for the 2 weeks that I have decided to stay, I need to you to find me a hairdresser and someone to do my make-up, how will I get from the airport?”

This is an example of the services offered.

  • picking up flowers on the wedding day
  • organising bridal party (for fittings, events, etc)
  • confirming details in the final week
  • organising guest accommodation, travel requirements (this could be an endless list)
  • arranging flowers to be taken to framing specialist
  • personal assistant for the day (have you got lipstick, are the guests happy, how are the guests getting from the ceremony,  to the reception, to their hotel?)
  • help to plan a budget
  • organise a pet sitting service during your honeymoon
  • contacting venues/suppliers for quotes
  • arranging cleaners

Please contact me to arrange a quote suitable to your requirements.

Please note fees do not include any additional costs incurred.


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