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How to Turbo-Charge your Productivity AND Get a Life …………….(You CAN Have it All)

Crazy, isn’t it?

Stress, I mean. And stress at work can start 
impacting your personal life.

You get so busy that find you’re not 
spending quality time with your family. Not 
maintaining an exercise routine. 

And not eating a healthy diet. Not exactly a 
great example for patients, and nor is it a 
recipe for success.
It can go on for years. Feeling pressure in 
every aspect of your life. 

Days are spent with patients and there’s no 
time to perform any of those personal tasks. 
So they build up and get put off and then 
become a burden. 

And here’s the thing that no one will tell 
you. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You see, many successful doctors have a 
dirty little secret. 

Actually, it’s not that dirty. But it is a 

Here’s what they do: They get specialised 

I don’t mean a receptionist or an office 
manager. I mean a personal assistant with 
experience helping doctors unload. 


Imagine feeling relaxed enough to enjoy 
your time with family. 

Imagine taking up a hobby like dancing. 

Imagine having the time to cook a meal 
and enjoy it. 

You don’t have to dream it. This can 
become your reality. 

You can have someone take care of your 
email every day. Someone who checks each 
and every email that comes in, then tidies 
and files the mountain of emails that has 
built up in your inbox over the years. 

Someone who will book you in and register for 
that conference, or buy those concert tickets. 
Someone who ensures you never miss another 
email again. 


We’ve got this. 

We take care of doctors just like you. We
take your paperwork and everything that’s
been piling up for months. 

We sort your invoices and receipts for 
your BAS and tax return. We make sure 
those bills are paid. 

We upload important documents so you can 
access them anytime. We will even sort 
your business cards into online folders.

And there’s more, as they say in the 

We take all of those to do lists, compile 
them, prioritise them and then do them. 

Next time you want to add something to 
your to do list you don’t need to waste 
time finding a sticky note and a pen. 
Just send a text or email directly to us. 

We’ll make sure it gets done. 

Each day, you will only receive the 
essentials. You’ll be reminded of events 
coming up and we’ll talk to you to ensure 
any urgent tasks are taken care of. 

We provide you with your own personal 
assistant to take care of those personal 
tasks that keeps weighing you down. 

Let Go 

You can let go and stop worrying. 

From our very first visit, you’ll feel a 
sense of freedom that you haven’t felt 
since you left secondary school. 

At the end of your workday, you’ll be 
able to relax knowing that someone has 
your back. All of your tasks have been 
taken care of and now it’s time to do 
what you love. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Get your new life started by booking a 

We’ll talk through your needs and if we 
think we can help you, we’ll arrange to
meet in person, That’s where the magic 

Start waving your own magic wand, and 
book a chat with us today.

 "Lisa is bubbly and enthusiastic to help people with getting their life back in control"

“Lisa is experienced and passionate about her work and genuinely cares about the well being of her clients”

“Lisa offers an awesome and much needed service to restore a balance between work and a good life”

Leading our concierge team is Lisa Hawkins, a passionate professional with more than 20 years experience working in the finance/banking and legal industries.

Being a busy mother and understanding the challenges every mum faces when trying to prioritise her day or feels stretched in every direction, saw the birth of Life Balance Essentials.

Lisa can seamlessly take those frustrating tasks, leaving precious time to enjoy your life or family. Whether it’s minor or major, once only or ongoing, Lisa can take care of it for you.

Our services are personally tailored to meet the specific needs of our busy professional clients, whether business or home related. We act as your personal assistant, personal shopper and all-round organiser.

Put simply, we make your life easier!

To get all there is out of living, we must employ our time wisely, never being in too much of a hurry to stop and sip life, but never losing our sense of the enormous value of a minute.” Robert Updegraff. [/box]

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