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Are you struggling to achieve that elusive Work-Life balance?

Today’s lifestyle seems permanently on fast forward. Can you imagine buying back time with a phone call? Or your day running smoothly as you take care of only those tasks on your to-do list that you love most, minus the usual stress of not having enough time in the day. Sound impossible? It’s not when you have Lisa on speed dial.

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Calm My Chaos

If you’re in need of personal professional help throughout Australia, we specialise in personally assisting you. No request is too big or too small as we strive to provide the definitive personal and corporate concierge service based in Australia. Call today on: +61409802047

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Life Balance Essentials: Providing Tasmania’s premier corporate and personal concierge service.

Are you adding more tasks to your to-do-list rather than crossing them out? In today’s hectic modern lifestyle it’s far too easy to become overwhelmed by the weight of all those crucial tasks. For so many busy people, managing their mounting personal and professional to-do-lists has become an impossible task. At work you’ve got meetings to attend, targets to reach and a jam-packed email inbox. At home you’ve got a mountain of washing, a garden that’s starting to look like the Amazon and your child’s birthday party to plan. For all those important tasks that are so crucial to get done—and yet so easy to avoid, let Life Balance Essentials take the load off your shoulders.


Ours is an exceptionally broad and wide-ranging service but here are just some of the areas where Life Balance Essentials could assist you:

  • Special Occasion Planning and Organization
  • Miscellaneous Small Business Services
  • Household Helper Services
  • Reservations and Tickets
  • Personal Shopping
  • Vacation Services
  • Waiting Service
  • Errand Running
  • Pet Care

Time is precious and for most people there simply isn’t enough of it to complete their climbing task lists. It’s time to put an end to feeling overwhelmed. For a professional and efficient personal concierge service contact the skilled and capable team here at Life Balance Essentials.

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The First Steps to Successful Time Management Zoom in Read more

The First Steps to Successful Time Management

What would you do with an extra hour each day? The first step to successful time management workshop enables you to quickly and effectively save yourself time every day, become more productive and learn to enjoy life again.

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