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Outsourcing your to-do list

A very caring Mum contacted me this month to see if I could help her daughter. I met with the Mum and the daughter, and after chatting with her about what it is that I do, she said ‘I think it’s great what you do, but I don’t think I have anything you could help me with’. The other comment she made was ‘I would find it very difficult to give control to someone else’. Interestingly, while I was chatting with the HR Manager of another potential client this month he said ‘our staff could really use this service, I just don’t know how to sell it to them’. This got me thinking, why is it people find it hard to see how they could use a personal concierge? With this thought in mind, I decided to set both of these parties a challenge. And now, I want to throw back this challenge to each of you, ideally to achieve on Friday and overcome on Monday. The challenge is to ‘write a list’. It’s that simple. The catch is, this list is not your normal to-do list. This list is everything you need and want to achieve on Monday. Once you’ve written this list, highlight in yellow what you need to do due to it being a job or personal function and highlight in green the jobs you could ask somebody else to do. Then ask somebody else to do them. Yes, Life Balance Essentials would be my first choice of who you could ask, but we understand that may not be your first port of call. One thing we do promise is the feeling of relief you’ll experience, when these jobs that you’ve been putting off start getting ticked off your to-do list. Here is an example of what your list could include (the green items are what we can help with!):

Getting out of bed on time (well we could help with this by sending you a wake up alarm)

Have breakfast


Put shampoo and soap on the shopping list

Make lunches

Dress kids

Make sure bags packed with excursion forms/lunches/jumpers

Get to work by 9



Report writing

Ring to book car in for service

Ring doctors to book appointment

Book tickets to Princess Theatre

Research prices on hot water service

Look into Phone packages

Get Tax return ready

Sort work emails (should look at home emails too)

Put together staff roster for next week

Pay company invoices

Check on maintenance projects around the office

Put in wine order

Look into cruise for the end of the year


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