Premier Corporate and Personal Concierge Service

What Exactly is a Personal Concierge?


When you hear the word ‘concierge’, you probably imagine a well dressed hotel employee whose job is to help you with your reservation and travel plans… right?

But what about a ‘personal concierge’?

The word ‘concierge’ loosely translates to ‘caretaker’ and that’s exactly what we do! We take care of your personal and business errands, freeing up valuable time in your day so you can get on with doing the things you actually enjoy.

A personal concierge service has never been more needed than it is now, in 2021. Most of us spend the majority of our working lives trying to juggle work, family, finances and home life, all the while searching for a spare moment to actually enjoy the fruits of our labour – leisure time!

Whether it’s sifting through hundreds of emails, sorting out paperwork, making phone calls, booking appointments, organising holidays, gathering quotes or managing our busy calendars, there is always something pulling us away from being able to sit back and relax. We take off all those mundane, time-consuming tasks, giving our clients the one thing money can’t buy… time!

Whether that’s for holidaying, spending time with the kids, or simply just sitting back with a wine in hand and enjoying some downtime, more and more busy people are finding our personal concierge services reduce their stress levels and help them rediscover the joy in their lives again.

Life Balance Essentials personal concierge services are perfect if you are a busy person, struggling to find that elusive work/life balance, or even if you just wish to free up a little extra time in your day. If you would like to find out more about how Life Balance Essentials personal concierge services can help you organise your life, click here to get in touch.

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