I find it’s not often we actually sit down and reflect on our life, how busy we are, how it’s making us behave and feel. Maybe on a big birthday over a glass of good red wine we’ll take a quick moment to analyse our life and ways to improve it… Is that enough though? (Personally I think not!)

This month I held an event focused around wellbeing in the workplace and if anything, I’m pretty sure this event gave participants a moment to reflect on how blimmin’ busy there lives are. So you can get a little taste of what was discussed, here are my three takeaways from the event;

  1. Stress comes in many forms… When I say stress what do you think? Headaches, busy, no time for you? Yep, they may be part of what can make you stressed, but try throwing in things like; trouble thinking clearly, anxiety, tightness in muscles, moodiness, lack of sleep, isolating yourself from others and now you are getting a full picture of what stress can look like!
  2. Stress doesn’t just affect you… A-ha, although you may think it, stress ain’t going to just make you feel below par. In fact, it is very likely your stress is going to affect the people closest to you. Your family, friends and work colleagues are just some of those that make the list.
  3. Clutter doesn’t help… As you read this, how’s that desk looking? Cluttered maybe? What about your electronic files, emails, calendar? Could be better sorted? Reducing the clutter in your life is one of the ways of reducing stress.

So have you been putting off ringing Telstra about those charges on your bill, finding out if I can get a cheaper rate on my mortgage, getting quotes to have those blinds replaced or is that inbox still filled with emails from 2012?

Until next time, stay healthy, have fun, and keep your life in balance.

- Lisa Hawkings