Imagine feeling relaxed enough to enjoy your time with family. Imagine taking up a hobby like dancing.

Imagine having the time to cook a meal and enjoy it.

You don’t have to dream it. This can become your reality.

You can have someone take care of your email every day. Someone who checks each and every email that comes in. Someone who tidies and files the mountain of emails that has built up in your inbox over the years.

Someone who will book you in for that conference, or buy those concert tickets. Someone who you can call to take care of that last minute task you forget to organise, like pet sitting for the family holiday, and someone who ensures you never miss another email again.


We’ve got this.

We take care of people just like you. We take your paperwork and everything that’s been piling up for months.

We sort your invoices and receipts for your BAS and tax return. We make sure those bills are paid.

We upload important documents so you can access them anytime. We will even sort your business cards into online folders

And there’s more, as they say in the classics.

We take all of those to do lists, compile them, prioritise them and then do them.

Next time you want to add something to your to do list you don’t need to waste time finding a sticky note and a pen. Just send a text or email directly to us.

We’ll make sure it gets done.

Each day, you will only receive the essentials. You’ll be reminded of events coming up and we’ll talk to you to ensure any urgent tasks are taken care of.

We provide you with your own personal assistant to take care of those personal tasks that keeps weighing you down.

Let Go

You can let go and stop worrying.

From our very first visit, you’ll feel a sense of freedom that you haven’t felt since you were a child.

At the end of your workday, you’ll be able to relax knowing that someone has your back. All of your tasks have been taken care of and now it’s time to do what you love.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Get your new life started by booking a chat.

We’ll talk through your needs and if we think we can help you, we’ll arrange to meet in person. That’s where the magic happens.

Start waving your own magic wand, and book a chat with us today.

- Lisa Hawkings