This month, in amongst the whirlwind of book week shenanigans, and working like a trojan (as we all are!) I have had the pleasure of turning someone’s hate of opening his or her emails, into a love. Love emails? How does anyone love looking at his or her emails? Well, I’m about to tell you a secret that may change your every morning, after lunch rush, or late night email cull. How do you love opening, searching and looking at your emails? One word answer honey, structure.

Let me explain, emails were invented to increase our efficiency. However, when you only have the time to ‘bang out’ an email last minute, your inbox can get cluttered. Instead of making your life less stressful, it is actually stressing you out! Argh… the word stress in the same sentence as emails is stressing me!

So to fix this, you need structure. What I mean is an email inbox that is:

  • Empty (what is that?!)
  • Sorted into years
  • Cleared out of rubbish
  • Individual clients folders sorted and saved

When you’ve had all of the above applied to your email inbox, you then have structure! Ahh… now that feels so much less stressful, doesn’t it?

So this month, I encourage you to ‘spring clean’ your email inbox! One of our clients that we have completed this service with have said they felt like they have had a ‘weight lifted off their shoulders’ once we had finished giving their emails some structure.

Until next time, stay healthy, have fun, and keep your life in balance!


P.S. Corporate or monthly retainer client? Send us your Christmas present list and we’ll start hunting down those ‘hard to find’ gifts for you.

- Lisa Hawkings