Ten bucks says this is how you recently answered the following question…

Q: How are you?

A: Busy.

I’m right aren’t I? A-ha. So answer this questions for me (honestly!). How long are you going to put up with answering this question with ‘busy’ for? My suggestion… You’ve already waited too long.

Your time is so blimmin’ important… Like so important. You can make more money, you can make more dinner, you can even make cake! But you can’t make more time. It’s precious and unfortunately in our society, we undervalue it.

So, right now is the moment where you need to start putting more of a focus on your time so you’ve got more of it, and less of that never ending ‘busy-ness’ in your life. Here’s how…

  • Prioritise You – Yep, without you having the mental space to operate at your best, you ain’t going to be able to bring your A-game to business. Try making ‘you’ time in your diary (and stick to it!).
  • Delegate – Delegate the finer tasks. Think… buying birthday presents, Mother’s Day presents, booking flights, booking accommodation, cleaning out your inbox, scheduling appointments… Do you need to be in change of these tasks? Nope. Take a look here of 2 examples where I recently saved a client time and money!

Telstra, yep that’s right. I have a regular client who asked me to enquire about some rather large charges that occurred on their account after an overseas holiday. After some “discussions” with Telstra we agreed that these charges would be reversed and on further investigation I found some monthly charges that were not required. In one phone call I was able to have a $185 charge reversed and then also saved this client an ongoing $45 per month.

Another example (I have many more if you want to hear about them) of money saved, was for a client that had received a quote from a travel agent for nearly $9000 for 7 nights in Bali. After spending some time researching different options I was able to put together a package that included, 9 nights in Bali and 2 nights in Singapore for $6000. Being able to spend a little bit of time doing the research saved this client $2500.

If you would like us to see how we can save you money and more importantly time, just click on the email me link.

Now… Next time someone asks you ‘how are you?’, take moment to reflect, do you still need to answer with busy? I hope not.

Until next time, stay healthy, have fun, and keep your life in balance.

- Lisa Hawkings