A topic that we’ve been asked about quite a bit recently is whether to store files in the cloud or not. So, I’ve put together a list of do’s, don’ts and suggestions that we’ve come across.

  • How important is the information you are storing? If you lost it all today, how would you get it back? This question also relates to email usage via cloud based applications.
  • Always have a second, third or even fourth backup even if you are using the cloud.
  • Do you need to share information with employees, clients or any groups of people? Cloud storage can be very handy if you need to share documents, emails, basically any information. The best part about the sharing tools is that you can restrict access down to individual files.
  • How much storage does your account provider supply? There is a big difference between providers. These questions will also come up based on what your storing. If you’re storing large files, such as videos, animation, raw files, etc, this will use more storage and it may be worth looking at paid options. However, if you’re only storing word documents, emails and jpg files you will find that free options will probably be enough.
  • Keep everything filed. Cloud storage may be the best thing that has ever happened to you but if you don’t use folders, it can end up in a very stressful, overwhelming mess. Think of the folders in your cloud storage as you would a filing cabinet.

While we’re very careful with what we place into cloud storage, we also love it. It’s a way that we can share files with our clients and vice versa and to be honest, one of my favourite cloud storage options is business cards. I get an absolute thrill when we have uploaded all of a client’s business cards that they’ve accumulated and filed them into their folders. There is nothing better than opening an app to find that person you can’t quite remember.

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- Lisa Hawkings