Are you offering a concierge service as an employee benefit?

No? Then you should be. Today employees are not only looking for the prefect job but they also want a great work like balance and are investigating what employee benefits businesses are offering. Benefits could be an extra week of annual leave, discounted health insurance, gym membership just to name a few but a concierge service is also a great benefit to offer with a much wider scope of options plus an effective tool for recruiting and retaining great talent.

Encouraging a happy and motivated workplace isn’t just about offering financial benefits though, employees want an exciting work/life balance. Unfortunately work life does get hectic and impacts on home life. This is where a concierge service is convenient and a great non-financial benefit to assist in helping your employees get a healthy work life/balance. Show your employees that you care about their overall wellbeing.

It is said that many employees make personal arrangements while at work cutting into valuable worktime, so by using our services it can enable your employees to coordinate their work/life balance. Which in turn saves valuable time and reduces stress, creating a more focused team environment, increases morale and ensures greater employee engagement.

So, what can a concierge service offer your business? Our services can arrange from; making travel arrangements (research, planning and booking) to sourcing and booking tickets for restaurant and sporting events and personal items such as organising a dry cleaner, babysitting service, organising catering or house cleaner. There are so many options, we can make a tailored package to suit your needs.

Talk to us today about a customised package of concierge and errand services to enhance and add value to your employee benefits package. Not only can our concierge services be used for your employees benefits but also as a way to reward staff and recognise key clients/customers.

Lastly apologies for the late newsletter this month, we were enjoying spending time with family and friends over the Easter break.

Until next time, stay healthy, have fun, and keep your life in balance.

- Lisa Hawkings