The work week hustle is back, kids routine sorted, we are falling deep and fast into 2017. So before you get completely lost in the work/life jungle I want to pull you out with this little reminder… The most important person in your life is…YOU!

Yep, contrary to what first comes to your mind (kids, partner, employees etc), unless you look after yourself, you have no chance of looking after everyone else on that list.

So I’d love you to not only keep that thought front of mind, but also act on it. I’ve crafted three simple tips to ensure you do a hell of a good job of looking after yourself in the workplace;

  1. Celebrate little wins… This may read like it’s really simple, but when work is busy, we often forget to celebrate the little things. Like… Oh, a client just emailed us ad-hoc amazing piece of feedback, or… the water machine is now working again! Positivity breeds positivity, and seriously no-one likes a negative nelly.
  2. Regular, quick breaks… You’ve very likely read about this one before, but seriously, you are going to be way more productive, and your body is going to thank you for getting up for a stretch, short walk or full lunch break. Try only taking a glass of water to your desk rather than a drink bottle so you have to fill it up more regularly, or at a minimum walking around the block in your lunch break.
  3. Treat yourself… Unfortunately I’m not talking about chocolate bars and massages here (although both would be nice!), I’m talking about professional development. To seriously improve on looking after yourself and your staff (second on the work priority list maybe), you’ve got to open your eyes up to different options and alternatives. You know you can get tunnel vision, so I challenge you to get rid of it! How? Invitations will be going out next week for our next health and wellbeing event. There will be three fabulous presenters including me. The focus will be around how to legally manage bullying and harassment in the workplace and ensuring your staff are receiving full support both mentally and emotionally. If you don’t receive your invite please get in touch. Save the date – March 23.

Until next time, stay healthy, have fun, and keep your life in balance.

- Lisa Hawkings